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Our Services

Oil & Gas

- Import&Export

We import around the globe as we have ever ready vessels to transport the crude oil; premium motor sprit (PMS), automated gas oil (AGO), dual purpose kerosene (DPK), fuel oil and base oil.and we export crude oil, fuel oil, liquefied petroleum gas (LGP) and condensates.

- Offshore Logistics/Charter/Haulage

Within the cargo portfolio, we also offer Subsea and Offshore Equipment which provides specialist coverage to the offshore marine operations sector...like,Bulk oil, crude oil, product derivatives such as gasolene, petroleum and specialist fuels.

- Well Completion Services

Drilling Services
Improving drilling efficiency and performance with superior directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling (MWD), logging-while-drilling (LWD) and rotary-steerable (RSS) systems engineered for reliable and repeatable performance in all well types, under any conditions. Well Construction
OverDrive™ casing running and drilling system that does what conventional tools cannot: rotate and push down the casing while running to help prevent differential sticking and achieve high-speed string rotation with the top drive when drilling with casing. It also removes people from hazardous rig floor operations to reduce risk exposure

Energy Efficiency and Management

- Engineering Procurement & Contruction(EPC)

Saturn Energy Consulting has successfully completed highly complex engineering, procurement and construction projects for clients in remote and challenging locations across the globe. Whether it is a commercial initiative, or a secure government defense project, we deliver solutions that cater to the needs of each customer. From concept through commissioning and turnover we focus all of our efforts on the final delivery of our customers' projects - the result is a high value facility that meets your business needs.

Saturn Energy delivers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions in every region of the world under some of the most demanding conditions. When customers have difficult EPC challenges, they count on Saturn Energy to deliver. Whether we are providing EPC for an LNG facility, small capital construction, or a government building, Saturn Energy delivers world-class service and performance.
Our EPC expertise can successfully execute challenging projects in the areas of power and industrial, infrastructure, downstream markets, oil and gas, LNG/GTL, and government and defense.

- Combine Heat & Power Plants (CHP)

Saturn Energy Consulting is the leading advocate of an integrated approach to delivering energy services using combined heat and power and district heating.

- Reduce Waste & Improve Processes

Most organizations can cut costs and carbon by operating more efficiently. As with most things, the devil is in the details. Where to start? How to measure? What to invest? Saturn Energy works with companies to develop energy efficiency projects and plans that maximize savings and measure success.

Saturn Energy’s Efficiency Services:

The Consumption Workshop™ is Saturn Energy’s proprietary process that identifies operating efficiencies within companies and empowers personnel to capture those opportunities. Our energy efficiency experts work side-by-side with your facility managers and engineers to prioritize a list of energy efficiency projects and execute these projects in a timely fashion.

Companies that have participated in a Consumption Workshop have saved up to 15% on energy costs. Saturn Energy’s highly experienced team of mechanical, electrical and environmental engineers has the experience and expertise to develop projects that have the fastest payback and lowest initial investment.

The Consumption Workshop™ enables your company to:

  1. Better understand energy usage and cost inside your facility
  2. Develop a coordinated plan to reduce energy waste
  3. Make your facility an energy efficient building
  4. Identify energy cost reduction opportunities
  5. Implement programs across multiple facilities
  6. Save energy and money

- ‘Quick Hits’ Consumption Workshops

The Consumption Workshop focuses on a wide range of energy efficiency projects requiring differing levels of capital up front. While some projects involve significant initial investment, others achieve energy cost reduction without any cost at all.

- Energy Analytics

Saturn's advanced energy metering solution, Energy Analytics, gives your company near real-time, online access to energy usage data from each meter in your facility. Our energy metering service makes your facility a more energy efficient building by collecting and analyzing interval data and developing a corresponding energy benchmarking model. This model, adjusted for factors like production and weather, is the ideal tool for identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies. Our energy metering service enables you to shut down equipment when you are approaching peak usage and generate reports to find optimization opportunities.

Consulting services

- Oil and Gas Pipeline Eengineering

Saturn Energy has established an enviable track record having successfully completed a wide spectrum of onshore oil and gas pipeline engineering projects.
From feasibility studies and safety reviews to the design and construction of highly complex hydrocarbon pipeline, terminal and bulk storage installations, our technicians ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

- Charter/Haulage

Our Shipping is a leading international shipping line offering high quality transportation and logistical services for countless global industries.
Our main competitive advantage lies in the extraordinary flexibility of our modern fleet of 20 technologically advanced Box-Shaped, Open Hatch Gantry and Jib Crane vessels. We are notable for the development and use of some of the industry's most innovative loading/unloading/stowage technologies and practices, saving shippers' time and money.